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Traditional Design Style For Homes in UAE - Ideas and Inspiration

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Traditional style boasts a rich, warm and inviting feel.There’s plenty of room for interpretation to allow you to create a unique well-judged traditional style home.The design style appeals to all ages and personalities as it features the familiar.Traditional interior design is elegant and comforting at the same time.Since you’re highlighting the best in design styles all at once, the look will never feel tired or go out of style.

Here’s a quick rundown of the details to get you started on mastering traditional interior design for your home with ease:

Traditional interior design is an all about a serious mix of extraordinary finds, so have fun and be adventurous.The best traditional style homes aren’t married to one particular style as no era or design should overrule another.Symmetry is key in creating a vibrant somewhat maximal tableau.Patience as no home can ever be decorated overnight and sometimes finding the right pieces may be more trying than say going to a showroom and sourcing everything from one select brand.

As we’ve said before, traditional interior design is not exclusive to one particular style or era as its all about an eclectic yet harmonious mix with the ultimate common denominator being a luxurious nod to history and a celebration of beautiful design.

Start by clearing out furnishings that have no defined period style or ornamentation, and rid your home of overly minimal modern pieces that are simple in silhouette and pared down in spirit. Swap these out with period pieces that you find captivating and full of character and unique quirk and design around those while highlighting architectural elements like molding and fixtures. Complete the look with a lively mix of compatible finds from other periods for an eclectic symphony of traditional design.

And be sure to avoid anything made of lacquer, veneer, or laminate.

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